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The first sign was successfully concluded, and the green benefit of environmental protection tax was initially revealed.

Type:Industry News   Time:2018-5-11 23:32:56  

[China's environmental protection online industry] on -18 April 1st, 244 thousand and 600 taxpayers successfully completed the tax declaration of environmental tax and the first period of environmental tax, which officially opened a new chapter of the green tax system in China. On the whole, the positive incentive mechanism of environmental tax has become increasingly significant.

The first sign was successfully concluded, and the green benefit of environmental protection tax was initially revealed.

As the first special "green tax" in China, the important significance of environmental tax is to build a green fiscal and tax system, regulate the pollution control behavior of the polluters, and establish a green production and consumption system. In April 1st, environmental tax entered the first period. By the end of April 18th, the first tax return period of environmental tax was over. A total of 244 thousand and 600 taxpayers all over the country successfully completed the tax declaration for environmental tax.

According to the data, the first quarter environmental tax has a total tax rate of 6 billion 660 million yuan, after deducting the tax and exemption amount of 2 billion 200 million yuan, the actual tax amount is 4 billion 460 million yuan, the tax reduction and exemption benefits about 35 thousand taxpayers, the tax reduction is nearly 1/3 of the total tax rate of the whole environmental tax declaration. High.

Green benefits have begun to emerge

According to the "multi discharge and more tax payment, less discharge and less tax payment", the opening of environmental tax can make the external cost of the enterprise sewage "endogenous", and bring the cost of pollutant discharge into the enterprise accounting, as compensation for the social cost. In the long run, environmental taxes can achieve a win-win situation of economic development and environmental protection.

Sun Qun, deputy director of the property and behavior tax department of the administration of Taxation, recently said that from the related data of the first season of environmental tax and some cases of typical enterprises, the positive incentive mechanism of environmental tax "multi row and multi levy, less row and less levy, no exclusion" was played preliminarily.

Overall, the "green benefits" of environmental tax can be summed up as "one drop, two increase and three promotion". Among them, "one drop" is mainly manifested in the reduction of pollutant emissions. In the first quarter of this year, the emission of major taxable air pollutants and water pollutants in the country decreased more than that of the same period last year, especially the emission of major air pollutants, such as sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides, and so on.

"Two increase" means that the investment in local environmental protection is also increasing significantly, and the increase of tax preferences. "Three promotion" refers to the 3 policy directions of ring ring bonded: to encourage cleaner production, encourage centralized treatment and encourage recycling.

The energy saving and emission reduction of enterprises will be "profitable"

The Levy of environmental tax increases the government's means of protecting the environment, helps to form a joint force with other means of protecting the ecological environment, and gives play to the synergistic effect of environmental governance; and through the legislative process of environmental protection tax, it has also enhanced the awareness of the environmental protection of the society and strengthened the responsibility of the enterprise to reduce pollution and reduce pollution.

The smooth start of the green tax not only took the first step in the green tax system, but also marked the official landing of our tax system transformation boots. Moreover, this has also opened up a new page in the environmental protection industry, so that the sewage companies will have a magic spell to push the transformation and upgrading of enterprises.

In accordance with the requirements, enterprises and institutions and other producers and operators of air pollutants, water pollutants, solid waste and noise are discharged directly to the environment, and the taxpayers of environmental protection tax. The amount of taxable pollutants discharged by enterprises is determined in accordance with monitoring data, emission coefficient and material balance and sampling calculation method. It can be explained that in the future development, enterprises will be profitable to speed up green innovation.

At the same time, compared with sewage charges, the level of environmental tax is higher, and its collection follows the principle of statutory taxation. In the form of "law", it has clearly expressed the guidance of "polluters pay", which conveys the current economic transformation of China, and pays more attention to the strong signal of the construction of ecological civilization. This also means that enterprises will no longer be "capricious" when they pay taxes on environmental protection in the future.

The environmental tax levy is already firmly established. For enterprises, it is necessary to define the next step to "catch up" and reduce emissions.
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